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For all the times you were kind to me...

Elysse Blair
Date: 2007-02-21 19:38
Subject: (no subject)
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Hmm...  I picked up a few books from the Library yesterday, and I'm sort of curious...

Joe, I know you're a dork, so don't try to hide it.

I'm reading a book called "Dissolution."  Don't try to hide it, I know you've read it because I distinctly remember taking it away from you on more than one occasion in Band.  So, how did you like this book?  I'm about fifty pages in, and slightly confused.  That is, until I read that the publisher was "Wizards Of The Coast," and then something clicked, and I was like, "OH, waits, that does be the same company who does Dungeons and Dragons."

So I was talking to my mom about D&D (I think we non-playing people are allowed to abbrieviate it like this, yes?), and then... well.  I told her about the time you were going to teach me how to play it, and how my foster parents thought it was from the devil and stuff....    SO I kind of do want to learn how to play still, but nobody is around to teach me, and even if I do learn, I'm not sure anyone would play it with me.  That's sad, huh?  One of the troubles of living in St. Helen, Michigan, I suppose.

ANYWAYS, what I'm looking for is a list of good sources and teaching guides or something.  :D  I see the D&D guides every time I go to Barnes and Nobles, and wonder if I should crack one open and start reading it and-

Hey, I ramble a lot.  Sorry about that.  But I need basics, and some reviews, and I'm too lazy to look through 20+ reviews on Amazon.com on a thousand books.  :D  Sorry to spam my LJ with random rambling like this. 

I still don't have a good layout idea.

I start scratchboard tomorrow, as I finally finished my sketch.  :D Yay.

I actually have a paper I should be writing.  Don't tell.
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Elysse Blair
Date: 2007-02-18 20:13
Subject: NEW LJ.
Security: Public
I really wanted a new livejournal where I wouldn't be known by a stupid hyphen in the middle of a name that makes no sense because I made it up at like two AM.

Welcome to Kiriux. I'd have taken the name Kiriu, but it's already being used, and not by me.

I'll work on a new layout all day tomorrow in school while I'm supposed to be doing other things. And I'm working on some stories that I might post here, and I might not. :D Consider powder_tears no longer used.

I love my Sims, and I want to play them now.

So here I am, and there I go.
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Elysse Blair
Date: 2007-02-16 18:13
Subject: (no subject)
Security: Public
Nothing much has happened.

I'm loving to play TS2, but I've sort of lost myself again.

Hmmf. Heather is at a basketball game, and Jordan is at Flynn's.

Next week, my mother is getting me a new CD.

Soon, the new Sims expansion comes out.

I wish I could make CustomContent for the Sims, but I'm sucky at this.

Hm. I got today off, and for some reason, I keep thinking I have to go to school tomorrow. Weird.

I'm starting a scratch-board project in Art on Friday, and in order to do so, I need a good screenshot of Rose, my favorite Sim.

I'm writing a new story on FF.N, called "The Last Gate To Oblivion." And I really want to finish it. SO I'm off to write more.

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Elysse Blair
Date: 2007-02-11 21:12
Subject: TS2: S
Security: Public
Music:Tristan - Patrick Wolf
The Sims 2: Seasons comes out on the 28th of this month. I wanted it when we got Pets, and I saw the little insert [though, my parents ought to know by now that I'll buy ANY and ALL Sims 2 expansions...] and started freaking out about it. Now, a few weeks before the release, I'm checking the website and fucking freaking out.

SIX new careers; MUSIC, JOURNALISM, TEACHING, eh, who fucking cares about the rest? Victoria [my new Legacy Challenge Sim] will be so fucking pleased when she realizes that she can actually be a reporter!!!!!!!

New hairstyles and items are a must, but ALSO, a new clothing category, called "Outdoor" wear.

And your Sims die if you leave them in the snow [winter] too long, or in the sun [summmer] too long. AND they get sunburned!

"Other fun additions are 6 new Sim careers, the ability to set a unique hairstyle for each outfit type, and leftovers! Never will your Sim waste food again! :)"

Seasons affect moods, we get greenhouses, get to go FISHING, and ICE SKATING, and make snow angels and snow men, and rake leaves, and...

Point being, I want this game.

And Patrick Wolf's third album "The Magic Position" comes out very, very soon to this.

I'm asking my mom to get me "Wind in the Wires" and then I want this one too.

I guess I have to start doing dishes and things more often.

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Elysse Blair
Date: 2007-02-10 19:05
Subject: My name is Tristan, and I am alliiiiive
Security: Public
Location:HOME! :D
Music:Tristan - Patrick Wolf
So, basically, I went to the Orthodontists yesterday, and they said that my Wisdom teeth holes were healing up good. Then they made my teeth hurt with rubber bands and wires and stuff. Fun. :D Heather had to get braces too, though, so I am laughing at her misfortune. Right after I take some aspirin. (o_o);; I feel like a drug addict having to take painkillers every couple of hours.

Cut For RamblingCollapse )
So after we went to the Orthodontists on Friday, we went to the Mall, and I wandered around looking at stuff. I found a neat new "taroty" deck, called The Chakra Deck, and it looked cool, but I wasn't sure that I wanted it that badly. So I looked in the art section, was bored out of my mind, and then decided to check the CD section of Barnes and Nobles.

I used those little "listening stations" they have there to "preview" FOB's new album, "Infinity On High." I wasn't impressed, at all. Quite frankly, it seems to me like the boys have gone away from being melodic and musical and gone more into being "hardcore" and ugly. Ugchk. [And YES, that is a word, damn it.]

So then I used the "search" feature to look of Patrick Wolf, who the people who write Deception Pass are completely in love with. So I listened to ONE song, titled "Tristan" [and there's a character in DP called Tristan... :D] and fell in love with it, too. So I went home and downloaded the song, and when my mom goes to a big town again, I'll have her pick me up one of Patrick Wolf's cd's. Wow. :D

Oh, and walking past the "SEX" section of Barnes and Nobles, I found a book titled, in very bold, hot red letters, gigantic print, "SUPER HOT SEX."

I was like, "thanks. I totally needed to see that."

In other news, the 3-6-0 died, and Mom isn't sure if she should get it fixed for 250 dollars, or just buy another one for whatever 250 plus eighty dollars is. She's worried it would take too long to send it in to the company to get it fixed.

OH, OH! And I got my class ring in the mail FINALLY! :D I'm so excited. It's very, very, pretty.

And I guess that's all, except that I have a CHALLENGE for all of you who have music with a "shuffle" feature.

Use shuffle to pick ten random songs. Write down the title, the artist, and the time. Listen to the songs, and write a story about whatever comes to your head while listening to them. The TIME is important, because when you take out the ":" you should have at least that many words in that "chapter."

I'll try this later. Right now, I'm off to Fanfiction.net to write a new Oblivion Fic. I guess I'll shamelessly plug myself, and say to check it out. Name's "Kiriu" there.

Oh, and the "Beer Song" is the most hilarious thing EVER.
Jason, one of Jordan's friends, sent me the lyrics on Gaia, and it was suuuuper.

Jordan has about fiftythousandandfive friends over right now. I wish they'd go away.

Brian comes up to me today and goes, "You're missing a sock."
And I'm like, "No shit, sherlock."


Lyricks To TristanCollapse )
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Elysse Blair
Date: 2007-01-24 21:35
Subject: Hey, Life
Security: Public
So I finished reading Episode One of Season Two of Deception Pass. Quite possibly the BEST story ever written. No joke. I absolutely love the characters and the plot, and I feel so involved. Oh, and don't forget that the Sims in said story are so BEAUTIFUL. ;o; And all made BY Akiea_guinea [I could be spelling that wrong...] which makes me so jealous.

Anyways, check it out at Deception-pass.com or deception-pass.livejournal.com. You know you want to. I expect all of you to read at least the first chapter. Quiz tomorrow. You know you waaaaanaaa.

Today was okay. Tomorrow will be better. Is Wednesday? Or Thursday? I'm so lot. No matter, I have to write a report on Michaelangelo still, and I hate it. Mr. Beyer is a prickly pricky prick. And now my entire family is in Art. Jordan and Heather and Meh. Jordan isn't that good [HEY, that wasn't nice...], but he likes it, so we're supporting him. Yeah. :D And I hate Speech class. And Tech Writing. And just about everything else.

I really, really want to play the Sims, but it's an hour to bed, and I'll probably take that long to LOAD my game and wonderful Simmies. Oh, how I dost loveth thee.

I went through my random screenies of Sim moments. My two favorites have to be Justin Timberlake [Courtesy of ModTheSims2.Com] dying. And a group of random Sims standing around him crying. xD After that, though I turned him into a Zombie [I'm pissed that I didn't take any pictures of that...] and he hobbled around drooling. It was fucking AWESOME.

My second favorite screenshot is of a dog that I have on my Self!Sim's lot licking up a puddle of water from a water balloon fight. xD it's freaking weird. I don't think I could have planned it if I'd want to.

I think that about wraps it up. Buuuut tomorrow is supposed to be a better day. I think. Maybe. I keep hoping. Perhaps.

I got a new book today, called "Crusader." Unfortunately, it has NOTHING to do with the Crusader or anything even slightly midievel. It's about a girl whose mom died, but they didn't know she was murdered, and the girl wants to be a reporter but her teacher things she's no good, and her dad and uncle run a virtual video game arcade. Yeah. I'm ninety pages in and that's all I've got to say.

Criminal minds is on now.

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Elysse Blair
Date: 2007-01-21 12:13
Subject: ONBS; OH NO, BULL SHIT News
Security: Public
Music:Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness
So, my Dad rented Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness [Hah, and when you abbreviate it, it becomes PXD: GOD] and I'm playing it on our Wii. Did I already mention we have a Wii? I think not. But it's the coolest thing *ever*. Even lazy ass Americans like me enjoy it. :D Thanks, Japan, we know we're fat. Now, exercising is FUN! [Although, Heather looks like she's about to beat the shit out of someone when she bowls...]

But here I am, playing Pokemon XD, and all I can think to do is SMILE like a madwoman. It's the first Pokemon game to ever have a related sequel, and it's the sequel to Pokemon Collesium. To get things all situated for my non-Pokemon playing friends, Collesium is basically a game where you, a strange ass teenager with a line on his face, is [was] part of an evil organization. You stole the magic "Snatch Machine" from your team, then quit. You rescue the most annoying little girl ever, named Rui, who will follow you for the rest of the goddamned game. She can "see" Shadow Pokemon, and it's up to you [me...?] to capture and "purify" said Pokemon, WHILE you're under this super secret mission to find out who the real head honcho is. Yeah, sounds stupid, but look at my cuuuuuute Pokemon... *Snuggles Espeon*

Oh- right. In XD, you're a super special awesome [I think...] 10 year old, who has this mission that's NEVER before been used before ever in a video game. You've got to do the whole "Save the World" thing. Yeah. SO my annoying little sister JOVI, tags along [instead of annoying-girl Rui] and it's five years after the whole Cifer dealy thing in Collesiumwkxkwiekdq. I'm just beginning, but every time they "reveal" a new location for me to visit, I'm hit with the biggest wave of nostalgia ever. I'm like, "OMG TO THE THIRD, I have been here before!" But the characters are new, and though there have been times where I was like, "WHAT the FUCK, whyyyy would you make a Shadow Pokemon out of a level 15 GULPIN?!!!", the game is good. :D I'm so happy right now.
My family is gone to that wonderful place of Hockey, and I didn't feel like going today. I'll have the house to myself for the next seven hours. YEEES. That means I can eat whatever the fuck I want, and play on the computer and the TV at the same time.... :D I really have no life.

New semester starts tomorrow. ;o;

I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out in a week. I'm going to cry.

Ortodontists on the 9th.

And Heather gets her braces soon too....

I hope she doesn't start to whine. She's not good at the whole "Shutting up and dealing with it" thing.\

Kyatooo beat FFCC without meeeee. ;o;

Hah, I am so kicking A$$ on Pokemon, though. :D

Does that make me a dork?
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Elysse Blair
Date: 2007-01-19 18:28
Subject: Uhm.....Hi again
Security: Public
Music:Down Here, We All Float - Sullivan
I knew I said I probably wouldn't UD until Saturday, but Heather wants the computer in an hour, and I'm feeling nice, so I've decided to give it to her. I played TS2 for most of the day today, and it made me super happy to give my Sims makeovers. I was NOT happy, however, when I was not allowed to buy a pet at the pet store, and when I went shopping with Meadow Thayer, one of the Maxis-made Sims I made-over, she didn't take the things she bought home with her. It was weird. I think it may be because she's Maxis made. Damn you, Maxis. You and your shit-ugly "Townie" Sims.

My friend Steven tried to convince me he knew more about Wicca than I did. He went on and on about how it was ancient and in your blood, and if you weren't inheriting magickal powers genetically, you weren't a Wiccan or a "Warlock." I told him there was no such thing as "warlocks," and that you didn't have to be genetically initiated to be Wiccan. Needless to say, an argument followed, and I finally shut up. I know I'm right. No need to rub it in. =D Made me feel better about myself though. Is that wrong?

I KNOW I failed my Novels' exam, but I'm pretty sure I passed everything else. My darling Rose Sim finally got good pictures taken of her. She still needs new clothes, though, and so does everyone else. I hate how when your Sims age-up, their clothes and hair always get all fucked up. So your Sims are always stuck in rats-ass nasty clothes that are ALWAYS Maxis made. GUH, I *hate* Maxis clothes, and hair...and eyes...and skins. Pretty much the only good thing Maxis did for the game was make it. That's pretty mean of me, huh?

I'm downloading this video from YouTube from Sullivan, I tried to watch it on the InterWebNet earlier [months ago, actually], and it was all choppy and stuff. So in five minutes, it'll be done and I'll have all sorts of pretty-boy eye candy to look at to watch it, then give my sister the computer. There is no such thing as "wika." xD Either Steven can't spell, or he and I were talking about different things. Coincidence that we were both talking about an ancient religion of witchcraft?

MWEH, I guess I shall give the computer to my sister now. I hope to be on later. So...that's it.

"I can't be a better boy than the one you had before
And for that
I apologize."
-Sullivan, Down Here, We All Float
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Elysse Blair
Date: 2007-01-17 18:37
Subject: Short Update
Security: Public
I've not been on LJ for a while now, and for that I apologize. I'm dreading taking exams tomorrow, as I have novels and other fun things like that. So you probably won't hear much from me until Saturday. Anyways, I have some SimPictures for you, and I hope you'll hate me a little less for not updating when you get this delicious eye-candy. You can also view these and other pictures online at pics.livejournal.com/powder-tears. View Away. =D

This Way To SimLightenmentCollapse )
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Elysse Blair
Date: 2006-12-31 23:14
Subject: xD My generated New Years' Resolution
Security: Public
Ganked from Joey, here it is. I laughed really hard when it came up.

In 2007, powder_tears resolves to...
Connect with my inner labyrinth.
Volunteer to spend time with vampires.
Apply for a new muse.
Become a better degrassi.
Keep my weezer clean.
Give up forensics.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

And I couldn't resist the 12 days of Christmas one either... :D

On the twelfth day of Christmas, powder_tears sent to me...
Twelve dragons drumming
Eleven crystals piping
Ten bats a-leaping
Nine auras dancing
Eight vans a-dancing
Seven boys a-writing
Six ours a-drawing
Five fa-a-a-amiliar spirits
Four video games
Three graphic novels
Two lip piercings
...and a sugarcult in a photography.
Get your own Twelve Days:
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